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Why women in ministry does not matter!

There has been a lot of talk in the church world lately about women in ministry. It all started with some comments about Beth Moore by John MacArthur. He actually told Moore to “go home.”

I am not going to get into the theology about it. (I might on Azusa Report at some point!) I want to point out something about women in ministry that people seem to miss. It is somewhat alarming how we could miss this but we do seem to miss it.

Now, before I get into this and what I want to say, understand that I am an Evangelist and I see things from a point of view of evangelism. A pastor would see this very differently that I would. A theologian would see it through the eye’s of the biblical letters. I see it from a heart and a quest for souls.

Who cares about women in ministry!

Let’s assume you are in the Missouri River and you are drowning with the currents taking you rapidly down stream. There is a woman on the river just enjoying her day. She sees you drowning. When she comes to help you, are you going to care if she is a woman or man? I would not.

You see in evangelism, that life ring is the gospel and it does not matter if you are a woman or man. What does matter is that young man is set free from addiction and that young woman feels acceptance for the first time. They care less who the messenger was and which bathroom they will use. It just does not matter.

In evangelism, we need all hands on deck and that means women as well as men. The coming evangelists in the end time revival will be men and women. Just saying.

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